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Yuriko Koike
Governor of Tokyo
Yuriko Koike
Tokyo is a world-leading megacity.

It’s “mega” not just in sheer size, but also in its wealth of assets, attractions, and potential.

The sophisticated technologies and highly skilled talent of Tokyo’s companies; universities and research institutes concentrating knowledge and expertise; clean water and air, and the world’s highest level of public safety; and a vibrant dynamism that generates new cultural trends that are the focus of global attention, such as anime and manga—these are some of our city’s exceptional and unique attractions, which will help you develop your business in Tokyo and make your lives here more exciting.

So that you can capitalize on these strengths, I am determined to use our resources to significantly transform and create a new Tokyo that will be the engine driving not just Japan, but the world as well. It will be even more open to investment, talent, and companies from around the world.

For example, we will work to relax regulations and provide detailed support to help you smoothly develop your business in Japan. We will also focus on building the living environment, including international schools and improved multilingual signage, so that your families can feel reassured and enjoy life in Tokyo. On top of this, we will regain our status as an international financial center and fully demonstrate Tokyo’s presence as a global economic powerhouse.

My future vision for Tokyo as a city drawing people from around the world is that of smart eco-friendly city, a city that ensures safety and security, and a city that fully embraces diversity, where everyone can lead vibrant and active lives. Tokyo is the city that can allow you to realize your ideas in an easier and more certain way, and in the best of forms.

The Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, which will be held in just three more years, presents the perfect opportunity for business. Please join us in creating new innovation and let us together drive global business from Tokyo.

I look very forward to welcoming you to our city.

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Message from the Governor of Tokyo
(Broadcasted in “Invest Tokyo Seminar 2017 in France”)