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The Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG), in collaboration with the national government, private sector, and others, is advancing initiatives to revitalize the financial sector in order to win back Tokyo's position as the top global financial city in Asia.

Global Financial City: Tokyo

"Global Financial City: Tokyo" Vision

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government has set a goal to make Tokyo the world’s top global financial city as a key pillar of growth strategy, and formulated the “Global Financial City Tokyo” Vision in November 2017, which states the direction of concrete initiatives to realize the goal.
The city is taking swift actions to implement the initiatives listed in the vision with the cooperation of the national government, private companies, and related overseas organizations.

Creating an attractive business and living environment

Reduction of tax burden, convenient administrative procedures, including assistance in English, and develop a comfortable living environment such as healthcare and education.

Nurturing players for participation in the Tokyo market

Encourage domestic and foreign financial players to enter the Tokyo market, with an emphasis on asset management and FinTech

Contributing to solving social issues through finance

Contribute to solving social problems through finance by thoroughly protecting investors and promoting ESG investment that is drawing attention around the world

Exchanges and collaboration with The City of London Corporation

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government and The City of London Corporation signed a Memorandum of Understanding on exchanges and collaboration in December 2017. The MoU is part of the Global Financial City: Tokyo Vision announced in November 2017 in which the City of London, which is in the heart of the London's financial district and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government will cooperate on issues such as financial sector events, financial education programs, ESG investment, and green finance.