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Tokyo Financial Award, ESG Investment Category:
Now Accepting Candidate Financial Institutions!

August 5, 2019

Office for Strategic Policy and ICT Promotion

As one project in the “Global Financial City: Tokyo” Vision, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) is hosting the “Tokyo Financial Award.” Since last year, TMG has been granting a prize to financial institutions who provide and develop innovative products and services that meet Tokyo citizens’ needs and challenges, as well as financial institutions who work to promote ESG investments*.
We have asked Tokyo residents about their needs and opinions regarding ESG investments, and have set out categories based on social issues with a high level of awareness among various ESG fields. The selection of businesses in the “ESG Investment Category” will start from today. You are cordially invited to make your submission.
Additionally, we are still accepting candidate companies for the “Financial Innovation Category” until Friday, August 23.
* ESG (“Environment, Social, Governance”) refers to investment decisions based on an institution’s proactive efforts in combating global warming, empowering women, selecting outside directors, etc.

1 Fields/ Social Issues with a High Level of Awareness Concerning ESG Investments Among Tokyo Residents

For the ESG Investment Category, TMG is recruiting companies actively promoting ESG investment. This category takes into account social issues with a high level of awareness amongst Tokyo residents and the residents’ opinions. For detailed information, please see the dedicated website.

Fields/ Social Issues with a High Level of Awareness Among Tokyo Residents
1st:Climate change (E)
Global warming, CO2 emissions, Energy efficiency, Environmental pollution
2nd:Environmental market opportunities (E)
Clean technology, Renewable energy
3rd:Human capital (S)
Labor management, Promotion of women's participation, Diversity, Development of human resources

2 Selection Details

Eligible institutionsDomestic and international financial institutions that engage in the promotion of ESG investment activities in line with the needs and issues of Tokyo residents.
Submission period From: Monday, August 5, 2019
To: Friday, September 27, 2019
# to be selected Approximately 3 institutions
How to apply Please visit the Tokyo Financial Award website to apply:
*Please see submission guidelines for details

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